NORASCAN Version 3.0

02 July 2016


  • Better detection of adware that also results in  different categories.
  • From now on “full scan “ button will appear after the completion of  the Quickscan. This to enforce using quckscan first.
  • Reduced  total scan time by 10 %


  • internal white listing

Bug Fixes:

  • Some minor bug fixes


Compatible with Norascan server 4.0

commandline functions (see  the  full list on  click here)






NORASCAN Version 2.9

8 October 2015


*Auto whitelist memory load with quick and full scan. This will increase actually scan start time but overall performance will be more effective
* Enhanced for windows 10
* From now on decompressing of files will be done in the cloud      
* loading of PE headers


*Enhanced Wave pattern analysis.

Bug Fixes:

* Sometimes wrong display of 8.1 OS version (added also windows 10)
* fixed progress bar on full scan and

Compatible with Norascan server 3.7

commandline functions (see  the  full list on  click here)





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