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Best-in-class triple scan endpoint security,

Noralabs Antimalware

Compatible with all known antivirus software to combat zero-hour malware.


Proactive Advanced malware behavior monitoring system using wave pattern detection using to improve user security.


Deliver best-of-breed antimalware for your network of or home machines. Replace existing solutions with Noralabs lightweight client for low system resource usage and proactive detection of multiple threat vectors.

Norascan cloud Collective Anti malware : We begin where your antivirus stops! Beside of your antivirus you can benefit of two anti-malware engines to fight malware without losing system resource with real-time monitoring and remediation

Norascan Take5 Relax we’ve got you covered + meeruitleg



Wave pattern based malware engine so that you do not have to rely only on signatures

Cloud verification to rule out false positives and to use the power of multiple users behavior analysis data.

Watches over that your antivirus is updated and patches are installed to keep you more safe

We keep you updated with daily reports and alerts such as log details for scans, tasks, and threats, license utilization, and unprotected systems. 

Behavior analysis; to see why I file was on your system, where did it came from, what’s the file doing,….

System Requirements

Windows xp, vista, 7, 8.1, 10 Windows server 2013, 2007, 2012